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7 Ways for Nigerians to make Extra Income in 2017

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7 Ways for Nigerians to make Extra Income in 2017
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7 Ways for Nigerians to make Extra Income in 2017

The recession is still going strong and on top of that, there will expenses to be made during this December period leaving you feeling high and dry…your bank account anyway.

Family members will need you to “do them Christmas” especially if you go to your village or have anyone who depends on you i.e. family, domestic staff, that one coworker who always needs you to spot him N5K till the end of the month.

Come January 2017, it will be soaking garri and eating Indomie. Fear not, FxMallam’s knowledge base is beyond just forex matter. Here are 7 ways to earn extra Income in 2017.


  1. Ask your Oga at the top for a Raise – I acknowledge that this one has K leg i.e. goes against conventional wisdom during a recession. However if you know your worth and have any bargaining power, nothing says you can’t use it even right now. But as the ancient Greeks said, “KNOW THYSELF”, if you are a terrible employee or your job has a lot of competition, this is a no go area. There are several other options on the list.


  1. Sell your used stuff – Due to classified websites like OLX or even Facebook, there’s never been an easier time to sell things direct to other consumers. We all have clothes, shoes, bags, old phones, old tablets or iPads that we can sell for a bit more cash. No need hoarding it because well, you can get cash for it. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure…or woman’s.


  1. Create or Develop Online Content for Others – These days blogging isn’t limited to just professional blogs. Now companies are getting in on the action as a way to drive traffic to their websites. Banks, Insurance companies, clothing companies both home and abroad use freelance bloggers as part of their repertoire. Hone in your writing skills and do some research. You just might make yourself some forex as well.


  1. Blog – Don’t want blog for others? Then blog for yourself. Find content in demand but also content you are passionate about. The goal may not be to become the next Linda Ikeji. But we are talking about a little extra income. Any good at it and you’ll earn from Google AdSense. Become great? Then selling ads on your blog might give you more than just extra income.


  1. Become a Lesson Teacher – I had lesson teachers. Many of them were current University students. This is an excellent option to earn a little more scratch. I can assure you that there are parents in your neighborhood with kids who are looking for lesson teachers. And if there’s one industry that is recession proof in Nigeria, it is education. If you consider yourself book smart and can help a child get ahead, well, this might be the place to cash in.


  1. Drive for Uber – This might be out of the reach of some people because you need to own a car. However, if this is within your ability, Uber is an excellent option to make money on the weekends especially in Lagos. So rather than blow your hard earned income every weekend, consider making more.


  1. Rent out a room in your house or flat – Airbnb has made doing this very easy. In fact, there’s competition from other websites such as and Airbnb stands out because they try their best to vet both the home owners and renters. This is a way to make tens of thousands of naira every month.

Bonus: Make money on Fiverr – Last but certainly not the least is Fiverr. If you have a service to offer — from graphic design, editing, copywriting, blogging or writing CVs — you can sell it on The site was launched on the premise of offering to do tasks for $5, but now, sellers can now charge much more. It’s free to sign up, and sellers keep 80 percent of the purchase amount for services they sell. Do a great job and rank up quickly. Might I add, they pay in dollars!

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