Foreign Airlines Servicing Nigeria Now Operate from Ghana – Thisday

Some international airlines, which hitherto had their operational bases in Nigeria, have started relocating their offices to Accra, Ghana from where they come to pick passengers in Nigeria.

The airlines, THISDAY gathered, cited the poor value of the naira, high cost and paucity of aviation fuel as some of the reasons for their relocation.

Already, one of the major international operators in Nigeria, Emirates started last Sunday to pick up Nigerian passengers and take them to Accra, where it refuels and before heading back to Dubai, its operational hub.

THISDAY also gathered that some other airlines are already opening their Accra offices, while some have started both Accra and Lagos flights.

The Chairman of Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), Capt Nogie Meggison, who confirmed Emirates latest decision said other foreign airlines may follow suit because of the high cost of aviation fuel, which is hurting air transport business in Nigeria.

He noted that some of the airlines may even begin to attract Nigerian passengers to travel to Ghana to board international flights.

While aviation fuel is sold at N200 to N250 per litre in Nigeria, the product is sold at N110 per litre in Accra as the West African neighbouring country reduced the price of the product by 20percent about two weeks ago.