Nigerian militants say they blew up oil facilities near Warri – Reuters

niger delta avengers

LAGOS, July 5 (Reuters) – Nigerian militant group the Niger Delta Avengers said on Tuesday it had blown up a Chevron well and oil pipelines near the city of Warri in the country’s southern oil hub.

The group, which says it wants a greater share of oil wealth to go the impoverished Niger Delta region, the source of most of the country’s crude, has pushed production to 30-year lows in the last few weeks through a spate of attacks.

It said it blew up a NPDC (Nigerian Petroleum Development Company) manifold, close to Banta, and two crude pipelines operated by the state oil company NNPC, adding that it also blew up “Chevron Well 10”, close to Otunana flow station. Chevron and NNPC were not immediately available to comment.

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