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Niger Delta Avengers deny NNPC attack

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Niger Delta Avengers deny NNPC attack
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The Nigerian militant group, Niger Delta Avengers have denied responsibility for blowing up the NNPC pipeline in Eleme.

It was reported on Tuesday, July 5th 2016, that the group had blown up a pipeline operated by the state oil company NNPC.

Via their website, the militant group issued a statement on Wednesday saying that a fraudulent social media account had claimed the attack on its behalf.

In a statement released on their website, the group’s spokesperson, Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo said,

“We warning  any group that wants to do anything should go about their activities without tagging us (Niger Delta Avengers) instead do your activities and claim responsibility. The NNPC pipeline in Eleme blowing that was posted by this Facebook account yesterday Wasn’t carried out by Niger Delta Avengers.

We calling all national dailies to take note. Niger delta Avengers is not out to mislead the public as a result we are closing all our Social network accounts and will be using our websites to pass information to the general public.”


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