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Top 5 Nigerian Ministers on the Hot Seat

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Top 5 Nigerian Ministers on the Hot Seat
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    Ugo Nwagwa
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Top 5 Nigerian Ministers on the hot seat

Without much ado, let us count down the list of the Nigerian Ministers on the Hot Seat.

5. Minister of Information – Lai Mohammed 

As the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is the de facto public relations voice of the country and by default, the mouth of the Presidency. Critics of the appointment of Mohammed cited amongst many things, his lack of charisma and his age. Now his critics which includes supporters and the opposition cite statements such as the economy being “out of Buhari’s control” and countless others seeming to make excuses for the trials of the current administration. While the heat of the moment is now focused on other ministries and arms of the government, there’s little doubt that the pressures on the former APC spokesperson would dissipate anytime soon given the public nature of the office.

4. Minister of Finance – Folake Adeosun


The Nigerian economy has seemingly grinded to a standstill over the last year. 2016 has especially been unkind as dwindling oil prices and a rapidly depreciating Naira in the foreign exchange market has led to apparently bare coffers in the Federal purse. Moreover, the lack of a signed budget for the current fiscal year means that the Federal Government can do very little to stimulate the economy. The current saving grace for Mrs. Folake Adeosun is the fact that most of the problems precede her appointment and without of budgetary framework, there’s little she can do. Yet, many Nigerians feel she lacked the experience for the job and she should shoulder some of the blame of the economic crises. If the current situation tarries much longer, she might find herself closer to the top of this list.
3. Minister of Power, Works and Housing – Babatunde Raji Fashola

Perhaps one of the more celebrated appointments by most outside the opposition, Fashola had the daunting task of overseeing what used to be three separate cabinet positions. The recent past governor of Lagos was beloved by most Lagosians which considered him one of the most productive governors the state had seen. Several months later and as the dark and powerless days have tarried, some are asking if Fashola is the man for the job or if he underestimated the daunting task of combing the three cabinet positions. Whatever goodwill Fashola came into office with has evaporated and inaction for much longer could lead to people calling for his sack. Power generation or lack thereof is only secondary in angst to one current debilitating issue Nigerians are facing right now and comment by Fashola critical of the past administration prior his accepting the job are doing him no favors.

2. Minister of State for Petroleum – Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu



Critics of Dr. Kachikwu are without numbers given the current fuel scarcity plaguing the country. Critics even include the leader of the party in government, All Progressive Congress (APC) and former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu. Tinubu chastised the minister for apparently absorbing himself of any accountability to the country for the plight it is in. Many people weren’t kind to Tinubu for his remarks but the facts remain that long lines at the fuel pump and the effects are frustrating most Nigerians to no end. Promises have been made many times over that the situation will soon be remedied. However, Dr. Kachikwu may find himself updating his resume very soon if the situation persists for much longer. To be fair Dr. Kachikwu’s intentions are mostly in the right place. Reorganizing NNPC to make it work more efficiently as well and attempting to solve the persistent fuel crises over the long haul are laudable goals. Results however will determine whether he keeps the job in the long run.

1.  Minister of Petroleum – President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB)



While the chances of the Nigerian minister on the hottest seat losing his job is zilch, the fact remains that for the current situation regarding oil supply is untenable. PMB insisted to carrying out the functions of this office primarily because it’s easily the most corruptible office to hold in the Federal Government and also because he has some experience in the position before. That said, the many failings of past Ministers of Petroleum don’t appear to have escaped him i.e. lack of consistent fuel supply to the masses. Other issues include subsidy removal or not (and the potential fallout), the lack of fully functioning or efficient refineries and pipeline vandalism amongst many more. Many have called for the President to divest himself from this position but for now he remains the Nigerian minister on the hottest seat.

PS: Please note that the assessment on PMB wasn’t encompassing his job as President but solely his performance as Minister of Petroleum. So no comments were made about his travels, the current state of security around the country or anything else.

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